Fuaimeanna Nua

Call for event proposals

Chamber Music on Valentia 2023 announces a call open to musicians and/or sound artists who are based in Co. Kerry to come and make ‘new sounds’.

Taking a new approach for this year, we would like to invite proposals for a performance/installation/improvisation to be presented in one of our performance locations on Valentia Island on Saturday 19th August 2023. The duration would be 2 – 3 hours of performance time which can be a repeated set of work. It can be for individual artists or a small group. 

Theme for the call

There is no theme for this year’s opportunity. We are keen to hear about your talent and what ‘new sounds’ you might bring to the festival. We welcome applications from any genre, and are looking forward to seeing the breadth of talent across Co. Kerry.

How to apply

Please email info@chambermusiconvalentia.com with a single PDF document that outlines the following details:

  1. Personal details: your name, email address, mobile number, address;
  2. Concept behind your performance and how it might speak to/engage with the setting that is Valentia Island;
  3. How many people would be performing, instruments/voices, and what you anticipate the ‘set’ to be;
  4. Amount of set up time required;
  5. Do you have any access requirements? Tell us if there is any support or any conditions you need to enable you to participate in the opportunity;
  6. Any relevant previous experiences of similar performances or how this work might expand/extend your practice;
  7. Examples of your work: please attach 2 links or attachments to your music (NB: please send links rather than sound or video files; if you need help creating links, let us know.)

Video and audio applications are also welcomed. Record your answers to questions 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 above (up to 4 minutes’ duration), and upload a link to your recording, adding the information requested in questions 1 & 7 to a single document. If you need help creating a link to your video, email us for help.

Other important information

  • The selection committee may select several successful applicants. The successful applicant(s) will receive an paid honorarium for their work.
  • This is not limited to contemporary/classical music. 
  • If your proposal includes live musicians/performers, all individuals must be 18+ years of age.
  • Please note that this opportunity is open to Co. Kerry-based music creators and artists only.
  • We are also keen to receive applications from individuals who are under-represented / have faced neglect or exclusion from the arts community; we particularly welcome applications from disabled people, Black, Asian and ethnically diverse people, LGBTQ+ people, and people from lower socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Closing date is 17.00pm on Monday, 31 July 2023.
  • More information about the opportunity will be sent to the successful applicant(s) on the week commencing 31 July 2023.