Brian Stone

Underwater Photographer

Brian Stone is a keen underwater photographer who has been taking pictures since the emergence of high-quality digital cameras. His body of work encompasses images from Ireland, the UK, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and mid-Atlantic Ocean.
Brian is the organiser of the Irish National Underwater Photography Exhibition, through the CFT Underwater Photography group on Facebook. The exhibition is now in its seventh year and is currently touring Ireland with visits to Galway, Kilmore Quay, Wexford, Waterford, Dublin, Cork and Bangor (for the first time in Northern Ireland). The exhibition is available to groups and individuals who want to promote the underwater environment, recreational diving, science and conservation.
Brian is a highly experienced diver and diving instructor, founder of the DCU Sub Aqua Club, currently a member of Dalkey Scuba divers and previously a member of the Curragh Sub Aqua Club. Brian is also one of the authors of CFT’s underwater photography course for divers.  He is a university lecturer in DCU’s School of Computing with a research interest in marine image analysis, particularly relating to sharks. Brian is involved in MESTECH (the Marine & Environmental Sensing Hub) and the Smart Bay project based in Galway Bay.
Brian’s photographs have appeared in the Irish Times and his pictures have featured in numerous exhibitions. He has also contributed photographs to the publication “Shipwreck Inventory of Ireland”, author Karl Brady of the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government of Ireland.  Brian can be contacted at or through the Facebook group “CFT Underwater Photography”.