Friday 16 August, 2019

sounds like the amazon…

Venue RNLI Lifeboat Station, Knightstown

Every place has its own character and sense of time. This, for composer Karen Power, is most especially palpable in more isolated or unheard places like the Amazon Rainforest. This piece, which is based entirely on field recordings made by the composer in the Amazon Rainforest in July 2016, explores the possibilities of hearing and approaching the natural structures and harmonies of our world as an integral part of our own existence. It highlights how, when listened to, these connect us and perhaps offer us a more natural way of being. In a musical sense, sounds like the amazonaims to bring the natural world and its natural sense of time, harmony and structure, to bare on our constructed spaces, performers, audiences and the musical material itself. Bringing the audience on a unique journey, beginning deep in the Amazon, but who can say where we will end up?

Vicky and Albert

Venue Ceol Na Gaoithe, Corabeg

Enter the extraordinary world of chamber opera exploring themes of love and loneliness in Elfyn Jones‘ Vicky and Albert. As friends and life leave Vicky behind, she reaches out, but only as far as her smartphone. Vicky and Albert features gifted mezzo Anna Prowse as Vicky, and a sophisticated sound design as Albert, the boyfriend app with whom she has a short but intense relationship. 

Fairytales and Fauré

Venue Glanleam House

Join us for this evening Concert and interval reception as Darragh Morgan (violin), Rosalind Ventris (viola), Tim Gill (cello) and Mary Dullea (piano) explore a world of Fairytale inspired pieces of wonderfully atmospheric chamber music plus the grandeur and vibrancy of French master Fauré in his first Piano Quartet

Programme includes: Schumann Märchenbilder (viola and piano), Janáček Podhaka (cello and piano), Nathan James Dearden Hildegard’s Jig (violin and viola), Fauré Piano Quartet No 1 in C minor, Op. 15.