Sunday, 19 August 2018

Trad. at The Ring Lyne

Venue The Ring Lyne, Chapeltown

Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh – solo fiddle

Making music on a 10-string fiddle called the hardanger d’amore, Caoimhín travels the world as a solo musician, in duos with Dan Trueman, Mick O’Brien and Brendan Begley, and as a member of The Gloaming and This is How we Fly.

M’ANAM in Concert

Venue Church of the Immaculate Conception, Knightstown

M’ANAM is made up of eight men and has grown naturally out of the of the extraordinary phenomenon that is ANÚNA. The title of the group “My Soul” ties into the ideas behind the music that the group sing and is created by Irish composer Michael McGlynn and the singers themselves who have created the arrangements and original material. In 2018, M’ANAM released their first CD.

The connection to Ireland is very deep and strong, and the repertoire includes a number of pieces in the English and Irish languages. This programme will feature some well-known material such as “Fionnghuala” and “The Parting Glass”, but it also displays some of the expansive and virtuosic repertoire that is the distinguishing feature of this group. “Gúnnarsholmi” is a beautiful setting from the Icelandic tradition, while “Bandó Ribineann” belongs to the Scottish tradition of Mouth Music.

M’ANAM are connected to the ebb and flow of inspiration that resides in the landscape of Ireland and beyond, infusing their original material with an expansive understanding of the connection between the audience and the performer.