6 pm Venue TBC

Vicky and Albert Enter the extraordinary world of opera exploring themes of love and loneliness in this 20 minute performance. As friends and life leave Vicky behind, she reaches out, but only as far as her smartphone. Vicky and Albert features gifted mezzo Anna Prowse as Vicky, and a sophisticated sound design as Albert, the boyfriend app with whom she has a short but intense relationship. Music by Elfyn Jones.

7 30 pm Glanleam House Fairytales and Fauré

Evening Concert and interval reception Darragh Morgan (violin), Rosalind Ventris (viola), Tim Gill (cello) and Mary Dullea (piano) explore a world of Fairytale inspired pieces of wonderfully atmospheric chamber music plus the grandeur and vibrancy of French master Fauré in his first Piano Quartet

Schumann Märchenbilder (viola and piano) Janacek Podhaka (cello and piano) Nathan James Dearden Hildegard’s Jig (violin and viola) Fauré Piano Quartet No 1 in C minor, Op. 15